In an era of raising mental health problems, a need for accessibility is flourishing.

Picture this – you've just arrived your home after a long day at work or school. You remember you have your psychologist appointment in about an hour, but something holds you back. Maybe it's the fact you have a long drive or bus ride ahead, maybe it's that you are tired. The common tendency to make excuses and postpone that appointment that we know deep down we should definitely attend.

Our mission was simple yet profound: to create a platform that tells a relatable story and break down barries, offering a fresh perspective on mental well-being.


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Visualizing a big problem.

It's no secret mental health issues have been on the rise, especially among young people. 'It is estimated that more than 13 per cent of adolescents globally live with a mental disorder.' – according to the latest State of the World's Children report. Despite the raise on mental health problems globally, countries do far too little to prevent these to happen. The annual expenditure is $3 USD per person in upper-middle-income countries, and less than a dollar in poorer countries.


Our decisions in the journey.

Our design decisions were driven by the power of psychology. We embraced the pastel hues to transmit the value that Bloomful provides: growth and transformation. The use of rounded shapes and floral motifs symbolizes our commitment to challenge the biases we hold against confronting our mental health issues, by representing the idea of flourishing.

We strive to develop an inviting and fun identity but also that inspires a sense of trust and reliability, encouraging young people to embark on a positive journey towards enhanced well-being.



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